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Resolution authorizing a Request for Proposal to lease and manage the Morris View Healthcare Center to an experienced privately managed healthcare operator capable of providing nursing home services.


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              WHEREAS, the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders maintains a strong commitment to ensure the provision of Long Term Care Services for Morris County’s aged and disabled population within the Morris View Healthcare Center; and


              WHEREAS, over the past decade several operational changes have been implemented at Morris View Healthcare Center including the outsourcing of building services, dietary, laundry, rehabilitation services, social services, and the management of the facility, all while maintaining quality nursing home services to all of the facility’s residents; and


              WHEREAS, the purposes of these changes have been implemented to maintain quality care while maintaining or lessening the County tax effort; and


              WHEREAS, earlier this year and in anticipation of a revenue transition to a managed care environment resulting in further reductions to the reimbursement rate, resulting in a significant increase in tax efforts the Freeholder Board was presented an Operation and Options Analysis completed by Marcus and Millichap; and


              WHEREAS, upon presentation of this report it was distributed to and made available to the public; and


              WHEREAS, at the conclusion of this report, the Freeholder Board determined that a sale of the Morris View Healthcare Center was not in the best interests of Morris County but directed the County Administrator to undertake a more detailed analysis limited to maintaining the facility as it currently is or potentially leasing the facility to a private provider of nursing home services; and


              WHEREAS, the County Administrator engaged the services of Perselay Associates to accomplish the goals enumerated in Freeholder Resolution No. 42 adopted on March 23, 2016 which were to pursue the development of a three year budget, search for potential revenue enhancements, and to explore potential leasing of the facility to a health care company, while developing safeguards to ensure the quality and continuity of care if such a lease occurred, and 


              WHEREAS, a comprehensive analysis was developed by Perselay Associates that included among other items the critical input, thoughts, and suggestions of the Morris View Staff, Morris View Residents, the Morris View Family Group, and the Morris View Advisory Committee, as well as arranged visits to several facilities that were previously transitioned from a publicly operated nursing home to a privately managed one; and


              WHEREAS, this report, analyzing both the options of maintaining the facility as is, or to potentially leasing the facility to a qualified healthcare provider, was presented to the Freeholder Board on June 22, 2016; and


              WHEREAS, upon receipt of this report the Freeholder Board immediately made it public and posted on the County’s website, as well as scheduled a special open public meeting July 6, 2016 at the Morris View Healthcare Center, and dedicated a portion of the regular public meeting July 13, 2016 to hear public comment;


              NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that at the conclusion of thoroughly analyzing these related reports and addressing the important comments brought forward by the public, the Board of Chosen Freeholders will direct that:


1.                      A Request for Proposal to lease and manage the Morris View Healthcare Center to an experienced privately managed healthcare operator capable of providing nursing home services equal or better than, and in no way displaces any current residents, nor compromises the quality of resident care, be explored through the Morris County Improvement Authority, and


2.                      That at a minimum, contained in this Request for Proposal shall be standards, including but not limited to staffing standards, guidelines and quality metrics to ensure that the quality of resident care is maintained, and


3.                      That the Morris View Family and Advisory Committee shall be provided the opportunity to recommend specific items of inclusion to this Request for Proposal, and


4.                      That any respondent to this Request for Proposal assure the County that no current residents of Morris View will be displaced, and


5.                      That all existing Morris View employees will have an opportunity to apply for employment within any potentially selected private healthcare provider, and priority in filling all positions will be given to current employees, and


6.                      That any potential respondent to this Request for Proposal assure the County the continuation of the Morris View Family and Advisory Committee, and


7.                      That upon the analysis, findings and conclusions of the Request for Proposal process the Morris County Improvement Authority shall confer with and obtain the approval of the Freeholder Board prior to entering into any potential lease, and


8.                      The Freeholder Board recognizes the value of all of the Morris View Staff and care for those who care for the residents.  Therefore, the County Administrator shall immediately ensure that potentially impacted Morris View staff members and their respective labor bargaining units be contacted and that the parties review and analyze potential employment options for Morris View staff who may either be very close to retirement or health care eligibility or who may be able to fill a vacant position in another area of Morris County government, and


9.                      That appropriate professional staff will be engaged to develop the Request for Proposal and provide guidance and support through the selection and transition process, and


10.                 At a time in the future, and should savings be realized as a result of the lease, the Freeholder Board may consider increasing community support within the Human Services continuum of care.


11.                 That to the greatest contractual extent possible that this entire process be made transparent.


              The County Administrator will provide status updates regularly to the Freeholder Board regarding each of these tasks.